ISU Updates

Update of ISUCalcFS version 3.0.19 available (Dez 12, 2014)

  • Verification adjustment for Senior and Junior Singles Short Program, repetition of solo jumps in jump combination according to Rule 611 (page 97 ff)

  • Verification adjustment for Advanced Novice Single Free Skating: single and double-rotated jumps cannot be executed more than twice in total. Further, there must be a maximum of two spins of a different nature, one of which must be a spin combination and one a flying spin or a spin with a flying entrance, no additional solo jumps

  • Issue with missing the element type for Intersection 1 (I1) in Synchronized Skating Short Program fixed

  • New provisional ISU members added to nation.xml (Kyrgyz Republic, Principality of Liechtenstein, Qatar, Republic of Moldova)

  • Issue with incorrect representation of German umlauts in HTML output fixed

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