ISU Updates


Update available for download (version 3.2.5 dated 5 Sept. 2016):

  • Issue with repetition for more jump combinations as in the requirements fixed
  • Issue with Singles and Pairs Free Skating repetition of jump elements with SEQ and COMBO
  • Record all jumps for SEQ and COMBO for example 3S+COMBO+2T*
  • New deduction index for "Fall" deduction value added to scoring system protocol
  • New fields added to database
  • Modified report files (Number of "Falls" for Singles Senior and number of majority deductions given by the judges added):

    • JudgesScores.rpt
    • JudgesScores_woSJD.rpt

For more details please refer to the changelog file in the installation directory.


Update of available for download (v 3.0.17, July 25, 2016)

  • Season changes 2016/2017
  • RTSP (video over network solution)

Please note that the new solution is only available to systems meeting the latest hardware requirements. Using RTSP on the previous setup will cause issues!