ISU Updates


Update available for download (version 3.3.2 dated 21 July 2017):

This update includes the changes for Single Skating/Pair Skating/Ice Dance/Synchronized Skating for season 2017/2018

  • Required elements for Short/Free Program Singles and Pairs updated (Special Regulation/Technical Rules S&P 2016)
  • Communication 2076, 2086, 2094:

    • Requirements and Technical Rules for Ice Dance Short and Free, Junior and Senior updated

      • Novice Ice Dance no changes!
      • Pattern Dance Elements: Rhumba (Senior) and Cha Cha Congelado (Junior)
      • Pattern Dance Type Step Sequence (Senior)
      • SOV updated (Choreographic Elements)
      • Add missing Deduction (Interruption of the program with allowance of up to three (3) minutes to resume from the point of interruption)

    • Communication 2098:

      • Singles & Pairs SOV no changes
      • Add missing Deduction (Interruption with allowance of up to 3 minutes to resume from the point of interruption – once per program)
      • Novice Singles & Pairs no changes!

    • Communication 2084, 2091, 2095:

      • Well Balanced Program updated for Synchronized Skating (Short and Free, Junior, Senior, Adult, Basic Novice, Advanced Novice)
      • Add missing Deduction (Interruption of the program with three (3) minutes, Rule 965)
      • SOV Synchronized Skating no changes!

  • Ice Dance: Pattern Dance signs added "<" for interruption of less than 4 beats of pattern element, and "S" for separation in step sequence
  • Synchronized Skating: Component names updated for Synchronized Skating (Rule 954 2a) and Pattern Dance
  • General: two new ISU member added to database file - Cambodia (CAM) and Macedonia (MKD) according ISU Communication 2085 and 2097
  • Reports updated:

    • JudgesScores.rpt
    • JudgesScores_woSJD.rpt
    • JudgesSheetsPlannedProgram.rpt



Update of available for download (v 3.3.01, dated 24 July 2017)

This versions includes the adjustments for the new season 2017/2018

  • Pattern Dance Elements: Rhumba (Senior) and Cha Cha Congelado (Junior)
  • IceDance: 2 Buttons for Downgrades added
  • Short Dance: PSt -> Partitial Dance Type Step Sequence (PDSt)

Fixes included in this version:

  • Cutter

    • fixed not sending fps protocol
    • reconnect at every new skater
    • fixed crash due multithreaded logging
    • fixed video playback and seeking handling

  • Expert/Judges

    • fixed Falls Value in Ded Screen

Furthermore, a updated LEGAL information has been added to the installer.

For more details please refer to the changelog files in the respective installation directory.