ISU Updates


Update available for download (version 3.3.5 dated 07 January 2018)

This update includes smaller adjustments and bug fixes:

  • Set default second half time when a new segment is created (the workaround via "Event Data->Events->Set Standard Parameter" is no longer necessary)
  • Issue fixed with tab stop order in category view for draw groups
  • Ice Dance: Verification issue fixed for Basic and Advanced Novice Free Dance (Stationary Lift is allowed to perform)



Update available for download (v 3.3.08, dated 18 December 2017)

This version includes adjustments for Ice Dance:

  • Short Dance: changed PSt to PDE
  • Short Dance: button for 'Separation of hold' moved
  • IceDance: Downgrade 'S' possible without Keypoints

For more details please refer to the changelog files in the respective installation directory.