ISU Updates


Update available for download (version 3.2.6 dated 20 Oct. 2016):

  • Communication 2040, 2041:

    • Component names for Synchronized Skating updated

  • Added new country code SGP for Singapore to nation.xml
  • Added new flag with new country code name for Singapore
  • Fixed issue with element without name for pattern dance (only remove V character from spin elements for Singles and Pairs)
  • Modified report files (Number of majority deductions given by the judges updated):

    • JudgesScores.rpt
    • JudgesScores_woSJD.rpt

For more details please refer to the changelog file in the installation directory.


Update of available for download (v 3.1.01, dated 17 Oct. 2016)

  • Judge:

    • fixed Pattern Dance - Judge missing Timing Mark Dialog
    • empty element does not show the complete performance

  • Cutter:

    • fixed untouchable area on element 10
    • did not archive videos when path is set to default ('.')
    • bigger fonts for participant and trim points
    • restoring last participant after restart

  • Expert:

    • no touch serpentine steps resorted
    • show falls count and points

  • Referee:

    • fixed lift ded value, now it counts up and down to
    • ported to Win10, downgradable to WinXP
    • video analysis functions added, starts with paused video

Please note that the new solution is only available to systems meeting the latest hardware requirements. Using RTSP on the previous setup will cause issues!