Why is the video screen black on FS Score / FS Cutter?

The software does not receive data from the RTSP stream.

  • Check if all devices connected to network.
  • Check if camera is connected to RTSP device (for example the Teradek Cube).
  • Check if all devices are powered and running.
  • Check for errors indicated at RTSP device (Teradek Cube has a small screen and some LEDs)
  • Check for correct IP address to your RTSP device, look for rtsp.ini.

Re-connect all devices.
Re-start the software.

Why is the video hitching or not running smooth?

This issue may be caused by performance problems:

  • Processor too slow; other applications may impact the performance, e.g. virus scanners or windows updates
    → Disable all background processes. If this does not help, you will need to update your PC hardware
  • Network jam
    → Check your network traffic, split your network or check for speedier network.
  • Video bit rate is too low (reduces visible quality)
    → Use higher bit rate
  • Video bit rate is too high (overheat the network)
    → Use lower bitrate
  • Too many clients are connected to the RTSP device via direct connection
    → Use Multicast instead

Why does the Cutter not connect to the Scoring System?

Check if:

  • All network components are connected and working properly
  • The network has been set up correctly, i.e. if the Scoring PC is connected to the network and no IP addresses used twice
  • The Scoring System is running properly
  • ISUCutter3FS contains the correct IP address and the correct port, have a look into dvcutter.ini

I'm connected to the Calc, but I cannot see the Judges in the Expert, why?

Please push Button 'main' for the main System first.

My Windows 10 device is not starting, what can I do?

  • Please power off the system by holding the power button for more than 4 sec.
  • Disconnect any network cable and start again.
  • If the system is running, please connect to the internet and run all windows updates.
  • Then please turn of any windows updates and any error reporting.
  • Please make sure that you always shut down the PC correctly.