Hardware Requirements:

  • Pentium III (1 GHz) or better, AMD processor 1 GHz, Pentium-M processor 1.4 GHz or better, AMD-M processor
  • Microsoft® Windows® XP or higher
  • 1 GB RAM or more
  • VGA 1024x768 - DirectX9 installed
  • At least 10 GB HDD
  • 100 Mbit network connection

Fire wire is required (onboard or via PCMCIA card).
Intel onboard graphics chips (onboard NVIDIA not recommended).

We have tested systems with Transmeta processor. These systems had problems displaying the video correctly without dropped frames.

For the capturing of the video signal, we recommend at least a consumer DV camera with a video out. However, we rather recommend a semi professional or professional camera with a monitor on the camera to easily follow the competitor. In addition, it is necessary to split the video signal of the camera, because at least the cutter and the caller are working with a video signal. Furthermore, devices are needed to convert the video signal to a Fire wire signal.

We recommend to use a separate NTFS formatted partition for the video capturing, as the required DirectX9 is not supported by Windows 95 or NT. The system is not tested on Windows 98. We recommend to use Windows XP or Windows 7.

Although the cutting and caller application can be controlled with keyboard, we recommend to use a mouse and a big screen.
We recommend hardware with Gbit LAN.

Future replacement of firewire

In order to meet the latest technical developments, we are currently working on replacing the firewire connection. Instead, we will distribute the video signal using LAN.

If you are planning to upgrade your hardware, we recommend the following minimum requirements:

  • LAN with Gbit instead of 100Mbit
  • Camcorder with HDMI output

The notebooks / Judges Panels should meet following minimum requirements:

  • Processor i7 or higher with at least 2GHz
  • At least 4GB RAM
  • Windows 7, 64-bit
  • Gbit network
  • Graphics chip Intel or NVidia

Video distributor (one video input to several video outputs)

e.g. Kramer or ST Sportservice in-house solution

Converter Video - Fire wire / IEEE1394

Canopus ADVC100
Canopus ADVC50 (untested)

Basically any stable running FBAS > DV converter can be used.