ISU Updates

ISU Updates


Update available for download (version 3.4.11 dated 15 October 2018)

This update includes following changes based on the latest ISU Communications and the Rulebook

  • Issue with enter Argentine Tango in Pattern Dance (with Key Points) segment fixed
  • Issue with calculate warm-up groups for Novice Singles, Pattern Dance and Synchronized Skating fixed
  • Issue with warm-up time for Novice Pattern Dance fixed, time set to 3:00 minutes
  • Modified report files (Show difficulty combinations for all Synchronized Elements):

- Elements.rpt

- ElementsByCategory.rpt



Update available for download (v 3.5.25, dated 15 October 2018)

This versions includes the adjustments for the new season 2018/2019:

- fixed Dance selection issue

For more details please refer to the changelog files in the respective installation directory.